Two years ago after a long series of misdiagnoses, we finally found out that Chops was suffering from Tracheal Collapse. Tracheal Collapse is a disease in small dogs and cats where the cartilage in the trachea begins to degenerate, collapsing the windpipe and eventually suffocating your beloved pet.

We treated Chops with Life Force Energy Transmissions, i.e. the Trivedi Effect, through the use of several Trivedi healers. After three months of blessings, Chop’s Tracheal problems were reversed. His cartilage had regenerated. His overall health and vitality ranked in the 90th percentile. Chops improved to the 99th percentile after the subsequent three months as we continued the Life Force Energy Transmissions

It seems our excitement over this miracle, and it definitely was a miracle, was to be short-lived. (Cartilage is not known for its regenerating propensity.)

Last year, Chops came down with Congestive Heart Failure, and there it was, that awful cough and wheezing once again. The vet advised us to reconcile our feelings about putting Chops down, even though he appeared vital and happy to be alive. His love and trust for us, his human parents, was unconditional.

He did have a cough and he did have a hard time walking down the street. He would start out slow and then just stop. He would look at us as if it to say, “I can’t go another step”, and then he would wait until one of us would walk back, pick him up, and carry him home. But those were his only symptoms. His appetite was great and he loved sleeping. More than anything he loved being with his dad. That was really the only thing that mattered to him. If he could sit on Alan’s lap, or at Alan’s feet then a little cough was nothing more than a small annoyance.

I was concerned about Chops’ destiny. Maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him to get better. It seemed unfair to have such a miraculous recovery only to come down with yet another fatal disease. Congestive Heart Failure gives a life expectancy of six months to a year. The advice is to focus on your dog’s quality of life.

Alan and I continued blessing Chops twice a day, every day. We also decided to give him a new blessed vitamin product called TRI 360. This product is a bioavailable formulation for overall health. It boosts immunity. It improves energy levels. It supports stress management and improves cognition. But most importantly, it is also blessed by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. Guruji Mahendra Trivedi has performed thousands of miracles worldwide and has created TRI 360 as a way to spread this work.

Chops immediately responded to TRI 360. We noticed within just a few days that his endurance on walks improved. Within two weeks, he would dart out of the house into the backyard running at full speed to bark at the dog next door. That had been part of the daily ritual for both of our dogs. Unfortunately, Chops had not been able to participate for the previous six months or so. When this happened all we could do was smile in amazement. Shortly, he was back to walking his normal couple of miles a day but he was still wheezing and panting a lot.

Chops is only a six-pound Chihuahua, so we thought that we had better start with a small dose. We started with only ½ capsule of TRI 360. After a couple of weeks, we started giving him 1 capsule a day. We continued this dose for several months. Chops began to stabilize his health. After hitting a little roadblock we increased his TRI 360 to one capsule twice a day. He has lots of energy, loves his walks and sleeps like a tiger. But he still wheezes….

This past weekend we were attending a fire ceremony by our beloved guru, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. We decided to take the dogs to their favorite dog sitter.

When Chops came home four days later he was like a new little boy. He had so much energy. He tore off down the road when we started our walk. None of us could keep up. And no wheezing.

There’s no way for me to judge Chops’ destiny. When I think about his healing journey, I am quite taken by the fact that it is all a trust issue. All healing comes from the Divine.

I trust that Chops’ journey is guided by the Divine, and our response is to receive and return Chops’ unconditional love.