My wife Joy has published an energy healing guide that discusses subtle energy healing … I’ve taken the most of the information from the article and included it here in this post.

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Ancient cultures had their own form of energy healing. These time-tested traditions understood the flow of energy throughout our bodies and its importance in our health and wellbeing.

Chinese Meridians and Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force — known as chi or qi (chee) — believed to flow through pathways (meridians) in your body. Each meridian is associated with a different organ system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are over 1000 acupuncture points in our bodies. Acupuncture has been found to treat a number of mental ailments like depression, anxiety, and negative moods. It has also had a positive impact on deeper physical issues like digestive problems and chronic pain.

As with any treatment, acupuncture does pose some risks, the most common being pain and bleeding from the insertion of acupuncture needles. Other adverse effects can include skin rashes, allergic reactions, bruising, pain, bleeding, nausea, dizziness, fainting, or infections.


An ancient Japanese healing art, Reiki is based on the idea of the flowing life force known in Japanese as ki. The practice was developed to help people realize the importance of making an intentional effort to heal and be conscious of their health. This concept of self-improvement and self-discipline, is part of the foundation of the Japanese culture. Lifestyle principals include;

  • Be grateful
  • Work diligently
  • Be kind to others
  • Don’t worry
  • Don’t become angry

Rei, means God’s wisdom, that unseen life force that flows between us, that can be channeled and used for beneficial means.

Chakra Balancing

An ancient Indian Healing modality that uses prana to balance the seven major chakra centers.

The seven chakras are as follows:

  • Muladhara or root chakra: base of spine (tailbone)
  • Swadhisthana or sacral chakra: two inches below the navel
  • Manipura or solar plexus chakra: three inches above navel
  • Anahata or heart chakra: located at heart
  • Vishuddhi or throat chakra: located at throat
  • Sahasrara or third eye: center of forehead/middle of eyebrows
  • Brahmarandhra or crown chakra: top of head

The location of the chakra determines its basic function. For example the Manipura or solar plexus chakra is the energy center responsible for personal power, self-esteem and confidence.

Distance Healing

Distance healing is the modality we incorporate into our programs.  My website can be found at  Distance healing, as its name implies works over time and space. You do not have to be physically present to benefit from these life force energy transmissions.  This concept can be a stretch for many, so I enlisted the assistance of science and scientific testing to prove that distant healing can be possible and effective.

I have eleven published papers on the efficacy of remote energy transmissions.  Although they all deal with different aspects of science, they all prove that distance healing works.

In my first paper the energy transmission was sent to a herbomineral formulation and to individual rats. The distance between myself and the rats was over 7000 miles. In both cases biomarkers were significantly improved indicating life force energy may be used for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, stress management and prevention, and anti-aging by improving overall health.

The next experiment was designed to investigate the effect of the life force energy blessing, or the Trivedi Effect®, on the structural properties of Ashwagandha root. The findings concluded that the Bio-field Energy healing treatment has a significant effect on the relative concentration of phyto-constituents without affecting their structural properties. This research indicates that these Life force energy transmissions could be useful in improving bioavailability of Ashwagandha as well as providing a better therapeutic response against inflammation and immunological disorders, stress, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, sexual disorders, aging as well as other chronic infections.

In another study, long term storage stability of the Ashwagandha root was improved.

In another experiment, sodium selenate was treated, resulting in a product that was more soluble, bioavailable, and thermally stable than the untreated sodium selenite.  Hence, bio-field energy treated sodium selenate would be very useful to design better nutraceutical or pharmaceutical formulations that might offer a better therapeutic response for various stress related diseases like insomnia, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mental restlessness, brain fog, low libido, lack of motivation, fear from the future, and panic attacks. These energy transmissions could also be helpful in inflammatory diseases and immunological disorders like lupus, Hashimoto thyroiditis, asthma and much more.

Another set of experiments researched bio-field treated Vitamin D3 and the impact upon bone mineralization.  The Trivedi Effect treated Vitamin D3 significantly improved bone health parameters. The results indicated that bio-field treated Vitamin D3 could be a powerful alternative nutraceutical supplement to combat Vitamin D3 deficiency. This alternative could become a significant ally in the fight against various bone related problems, including rickets, osteo-malacia, osteoporosis, low bone density, bone stress management and prevention, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and anti-aging by improving overall health.

The Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect® founded by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi, is the transformation and potentization of living and nonliving things. Through the Trivedi Effect, everything is transformed in order to serve a better and higher purpose and function at its greatest potential. 1

The Trivedi Effect is not a technique. It is a gift from the Divine, that allows the life force to flow through my physiology to the recipient.  It is possible to experience the benefits of this technology today.  Anyone can go to my website and sign up for a Life-force Energy Blessing.