Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi?2019-05-07T07:20:10-07:00

Guruji Mahendra Trivedi discovered and founded the Trivedi Effect. He is renowned around the world for his miraculous and limitless abilities to manifest the Trivedi Effect into the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and absolutely thrill the international scientific community.

What is the Trivedi Effect?2019-06-04T03:52:27-07:00

The Trivedi Effect® is the transformation and potentization of living and nonliving things. Through the Trivedi Effect, everything is transformed in order to serve a better and higher purpose and function at its greatest potential.

How authentic is the Trivedi Effect?2019-06-04T03:50:31-07:00

The amazing impact of this natural phenomenon has been measured, validated and documented in over 4,000 studies at major research institutes throughout the world and published with over 350 scientific publications in leading peer-reviewed journals internationally. This research on the Trivedi Effect is available on the university library websites of the world’s top universities, as well as the National Institute of Health (NIH). Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have benefited from this phenomenon and are enjoying its life-altering rewards. Mr. Trivedi’s transformational abilities have been proven and are widely recognized by the international scientific community.

Who can benefit from a Life-force blessing?2019-06-04T03:53:30-07:00

Anyone can benefit from a Life-force blessing.  Many diverse groups of people from different backgrounds, varying in age, health conditions, religious affiliation, beliefs, dogmas, creeds, practices, gender, race, and sexual orientation have reported extraordinary results. Each individual’s experience is unique and significant.

What benefits can be expected from these Life-force blessing?2019-06-04T03:51:27-07:00

People from all age groups and walks of life have reported profound improvements, like: better quality sleep, greater self-confidence, more profound inner peace, increased energy levels, less fear from the future; positive, dramatic shifts in their prosperity, relationships, health issues and perception; release from emotional trauma and newfound abilities to let go of the past and focus more in the present; relief from stress, anxiety and depression; and an overall optimistic mood. Others have reported an increase in abundance and overall career satisfaction, increased clientele and overall growth in their businesses; enhanced sex drive, competency and stamina; recognition by colleagues and family; and feelings of rejuvenation, motivation, enthusiasm and inspiration in life. Perhaps the biggest benefit that people are reporting is that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to realize and envision their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the God of their understanding.

I have a healthy body and strong physiology – my needs are more spiritual. What can these Life-force blessings do for me?2019-06-13T11:22:03-07:00

Many people who come for a Life-force blessing with a need for a spiritual connection and guidance report that their persistent feelings of disillusionment or emptiness have subsided and have been replaced with a sense of deep inner peace. Many have reported spiritual awakenings, more intense or frequent spiritual experiences, and deeper, more profound meditation. This is because these Energy Transmissions clear blockages and connect you to the God of your understanding, or the source/universal intelligence that is the reservoir of peace.

Mr. Trivedi says: “Your spirit knows your path. My job is to connect you to your inner guidance so that you have the ability to become a powerful magnet and effortlessly attract good health, wealth, enriching relationships, prosperity, your soul mate and the final life objective of every human on this planet.”

How are these Life-force blessings different from healing?2019-05-07T07:33:46-07:00

Healing may improve a particular ailment, but Life-force blessings are intended to restore individuals to their natural blueprint and transform their lives for their highest purposes. Although healing naturally occurs as part of the process of transformation, this energy goes beyond the limited scope of “healing.” This energy transforms you for the next level, up to your limitless potential!

In several cases, recipients have unlocked hidden potential they never knew existed and began living at their optimal potential. While being aware of his extraordinary abilities, Mr. Trivedi does not call himself a healer or claim medical affiliation of any sort. The purpose of this energy is to connect you with your inner guidance system by deepening your connection to the God of your understanding. The grace of God takes care of everything else in your life.

Are the results from these Life-force blessings permanent?2019-06-04T03:49:25-07:00

Once this energy starts working, it continues working for you and never “runs out.” After you receive your first Life-force blessing, your personal connection with the God of your understanding will begin to develop and will deepen as you move further along this path. The more frequently you receive these Life-force blessings, the more rapidly you will transform.

Can you tell me what my life purpose is?2019-05-07T07:42:47-07:00

One of the biggest benefits that people are reporting from these Life-force blessings is that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to envision and manifest their life’s purpose through a deep connection with the God of their understanding. I do not claim to know anyone’s life purpose, the energy that he carries has the ability to connect you with your inner guidance system. By deepening this connection, you will inevitably be guided towards your life’s purpose.

Will I experience immediate benefits?2019-05-07T07:45:10-07:00

While each person’s experience is unique and the benefits are felt in many different ways, it is important to remember that transformation is a process; not an event. Great improvements in areas such as relationships, careers, health, emotional balance, sexual fulfillment, self-confidence, sleep patterns and finances have been reported, but the immediacy in which the transformational benefits unfold varies from person to person. Some improvements are seen almost immediately, while others happen over a little period of time.

What is the difference between group Life-force blessings and intercessions? Are they equally effective?2019-05-07T07:47:27-07:00

During group Life-force blessings (which occur both remotely and in-person, such as during group calls, webinars and live group events) the focus is on your general, overall growth.

Intercessions are Life-force blessings that give recipients the chance to experience a personalized, more concentrated form of the energy that is tailored to your personal issues, unique needs, and anything else that is holding you back in your journey to limitless growth and potential.

How does a person feel after a Life-force blessing? Are there any adverse effects?2019-05-07T07:49:37-07:00

Each person who receives a Life-force blessing will respond differently. People most frequently report that they feel extremely refreshed, have found an increase in their energy and are less frequently tired. The night after a Life-force blessing, sleep is often deep and satisfying and there is usually a general increase in energy the following day. Often, the first sign that the energy has started working is a change in physical appearance – skin glows, eyes look brighter, sadness and fatigue seem to disappear. No adverse effects have been reported or observed to date.

If I have signed up for a remote group Life-force blessing, but can’t receive it at that time, will the energy still work?2019-05-07T07:52:18-07:00

Although it is highly recommended that you are present, unexpected things happen. Due to the intelligence of this energy, simply registering for the call will guarantee that you will receive the Life-force blessing, no matter your location or schedule. If possible, you should close your eyes, sit or lay with your spine straight and allow yourself time to be in silence after receiving the Life-force blessing. If your situation does not allow you to do this, then don’t worry! You will still receive this energy!

Are long-distance, remote intercessions as powerful as in-person intercessions?2019-05-07T07:55:16-07:00

Mr. Trivedi has assured us that remote Intercessions are equally as powerful as in-person Intercessions. “This energy that I will be using has great intelligence, just as it knows which cells cancer cells are and which are healthy cells, as shown in laboratory experiments. In U.S. based cancer research experiments, this Life-force blessing killed the cancerous cells while at the same time, promoted the viability of the healthy cells. It knows what to do and how to attract what you need for your happiness and transformation,” explains Mahendra Trivedi.

What is the ripple effect?2019-05-07T07:56:39-07:00

The Ripple Effect describes the way this energy affects not only you, but also your environment and those around you. Often, people report that after receiving a series of Life-force blessings, their son or daughter get accepted to the school of their choice or their husband scores a promotion. There are many instances where people express that their relationships with their family members, friends and colleagues start to improve and flourish, or they begin to feel greater compassion, love and affection towards others and towards humanity.

We’ve also witnessed many instances in which resistant family members and friends of our clients have become more open-minded after witnessing the transformation in their loved ones.

Does the Life-force blessing contradict my religion? Do I have to be religious or spiritual to benefit from it?2019-05-07T07:59:06-07:00

This energy works independent of one’s religious or spiritual beliefs. The Life-force blessing connects the recipient to the God of his or her understanding, regardless of any spiritual or religious affiliation. Practicing Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Agnostics, as well as Atheists have all reported receiving phenomenal benefits. Mr. Trivedi frequently explains that while conducting scientific research with plants, he connected the plants with the sun. In this case, that is the God of their understanding: The source of life/vital force. As a result, the plants and trees experienced exponential growth, yielding up to 500% more production in agricultural crops without need of any outside support (chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, etc.).

What do you do during the Life-force blessing?2019-05-07T08:00:38-07:00

I simply act as a conduit for this energy between source/universal intelligence and the recipient. An analogy that Guruji often refers to is that he is like an “internet provider” that connects a computer (the receiver) with the satellite (life source/universal intelligence) via an “internet connection” (this energy).  I act as a catalyst between human beings and their life source.

Can the Life-force blessing serve as a substitute for my doctor’s prescription?2019-05-07T08:05:20-07:00

Neither Mr. Trivedi nor I claim any medical affiliations and neither are medical doctors. Although miraculous mental, emotional, physical and sexual health improvements are often reported as a result of this work, no medical advice is given and it is not a substitute for prescribed medications.

How often should I receive Life-force blessings? Is there such a thing as having too many Life-force blessing?2019-05-07T08:06:41-07:00

There is no such thing as “too many” Life-force blessings. In fact, receiving multiple transmissions can bring about greater results and at a faster rate. Comparable with frequent exercise for someone who is trying to shed excess weight and tone their body, the more frequently you receive this energy, the faster you will transform. Daily Life-force blessing programs are designed for those committed to their fastest possible growth in all areas, like health, success, prosperity, and higher consciousness.

What do I need to do to prepare for receiving the Life-force blessing?2019-05-07T08:08:11-07:00

Once you register for a Life-force blessing, you will receive an email explaining exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself and what results to expect. Please read the document carefully and feel free to email or call me with any questions.

Can I do anything to make the Life-force blessing more effective?2019-05-07T08:10:53-07:00

You do not need to do anything to receive this energy. It is transmitted through powerful thought intention and the intelligence of the energy will do its work without any extra effort on your part.

What should I do during the remote group Life-force blessing? Should I sit, stand or close my eyes?2019-05-07T08:12:18-07:00

You should be alone in the room when receiving this energy. This is your time to focus on yourself, your needs, and your requirements for happiness. It is important that you not be sidetracked or engaged in other activities. During the transmission, you will simply sit or lay comfortably with your spine straight and pray to the God of your understanding. After a few minutes, you will be instructed to stop your prayer and sit or lay in silence for 10-15 minutes and allow the energy to do its work.

What should I do during the Life-force blessing that I receive during sleep?2019-05-07T08:13:46-07:00

Nothing. Simply go to sleep. It does not matter where or when. During your sleep, you will automatically receive the Life-force blessing. It’s that easy.

I just had a Life-force blessing and don’t feel different, is it working?2019-05-07T08:15:34-07:00

Everyone’s path to transformation is unique. Benefits can be felt in many different ways and at many different times. You may not even realize the results immediately. It is important to remember that transformation is a process and not an event.

During their Life-force blessing, some people experience heat, shivering or tingling in their body. Some report being surrounded by an aura of white or blue light. Some cry and feel intense emotional release or find that a deep sense of peace and calm has filled their entire being. Others do not experience any immediate physical or mental sensations during or following the transmission, but this does not mean that the energy is not working. During the course of his personal journey of transformation, Guruji Mahendra Trivedi never experienced any of the above himself. He does, however, continue to be transformed by this energy in his own unique way.

What is healing crisis?2019-05-07T08:17:24-07:00

During the process of transformation, people elevate to new and higher levels of consciousness. When people elevate to the next level, some feel uncomfortable for a small period of time as they adjust with the new situation in their life. For example, if you are living in the dark and suddenly somebody turns on a light, your eyes need some time to adjust with the environment of light. In the journey from darkness to light and from light to even greater light, in every new situation, people feel a little discomfort while adjusting to their new environment and state of being. The discomfort during this period of adjustment is what we call a “healing crisis” and will resolve itself over a short period of time.