My potential is unlimited. My future is unlimited. The only limitations that exist in my life are in my mind. By conquering my mind, I gain the ability to be the ultimate creator of my life.
I can accomplish anything when I get over the imaginary stories I tell myself. I can see that all my limitations are self-imposed. It is human nature to doubt oneself.
I am choosing a new path for myself. I am choosing to believe that I am powerful, capable, and confident. I am overcoming my self-doubt and replacing it with certainty
and courage.

When I feel limited, I take control of my mind and remind myself of the truth. My
limitations are just a form of fear. My limitations are a way of protecting myself.
I am now free of the need to protect myself any longer. I am so capable that protection
is unnecessary. My limitations only exist in my mind.

As I let go of my limitations, my life grows exponentially. I gain new insights, and new
possibilities open up in my life. I am unstoppable when I am free of false beliefs.
Today, I am dropping my limitations and trusting myself. I am taking control of my
mind and allowing myself to feel powerful and confident. My limitations only exist
within my mind.

Self-Reflection Questions:

What do I believe are my greatest limitations?
What proof do I have that these limitations are real?
What would happen if I dropped these limitations and acted as if they weren’t true?