Life-force blessings represent one of the most technological advanced concepts on the planet. Alan is using technology accessed from years of research and study gained through a science called “The Trivedi Effect”. He is literally performing what is currently thought by modern science to be impossible. Life-force blessings are about expanding optimal potential outside of the realm of the current playing field. This technology is best described as being able to access the life-force found in nature and applying this energy to specific applications.

Alan Balmer simply acts as a conduit for this energy between the universal life-force and the recipient. Alan has been gifted with the ability to deliver this energy to anywhere on this planet. Alan is committed to the science of this Life-force blessing to help individuals to connect to this universal intelligence connection.

Science has proven this technique possesses the technology to change the atom, which up until now was believed to be impossible. Applying this science to benefit both humans and animals is now available. This program is just the beginning of what Alan envisions as his work in the future. He is in the initial phase of offering these services to the general public and will be expanding his programs as research projects continue to unfold.

Up until now, nobody else in the world has scientifically been able to prove that they can do what Alan is doing through this technology. Society’s paradigm as of today is that the “Life-force” in all of us is a fixed commodity, and we are left to work out a plan for our existence within this framework.

While Alan has always been convinced of the efficacy of the Life-force blessings, he had the opportunity to participate in three major scientific studies, one of which is still on-going. The results to date, have been published in peer-reviewed journals and yielded numerous citations on Google scholar. View Alan’s Google scholar profile.

In summary, the results from the studies indicate the atomic structure from the test elements were altered in a predictable manner during the studies on a regular and consistent basis, which up until now is a concept that is not yet accepted by mainstream science.

Accomplish the purpose for which you are on this planet! Live your life at your highest potential.